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DP World Newsletter Special Edition

Trade is the lifeblood of our global economy. Ports and Terminals are the departure and arrival points for 90% of world trade, which is why it is critical industry leaders work together, to knowledge share and find solutions to overcome supply chain challenges.

Port efficiency across Africa has come a long way. The continent continues to see growth potential, with a range of factors propelling the market forward, from overdue investment capital into essential infrastructure to the expansion of BOT ownership models. African economies remain resilient, with average growth projected to stabilize at 4.1 percent in 2023–24. However, the continent’s exports to the rest of the world are dominated by commodities, and there is limited integration in global value chains, reflecting its fragmented trade policy landscape marked by multiple regional economic communities, a challenging trade environment with gaps in structural factors such as transport networks, customs and border processes and access to finance.

Our Ports and Terminals in Africa are the smartest and most seamless gateways for global trade on the continent. The network in Africa is also connecting the largest cities and industrial hubs to emerging centres of commerce. Meanwhile, our Ports and Terminals are opening-up trade routes to the world and bringing sustainable, long-term prosperity to every corner of the continent.

Together with TOC, DP World welcome you to join us and our fellow industry leaders at TOC Africa on 20th – 21st September in Morocco, where we will explore, understand and find new ways of working together, to deliver a more resilient future of trade. It is through collaboration that we will make the movement of goods through ports and terminals more sustainable and efficient, whilst delivering economic prosperity and opportunity to the communities we serve. We look forward to seeing you there. 

Visit them at Stand B14